University Interdisciplinary Collaborative

The University Interdisciplinary Collaborative fosters the development and growth of academic programs that draw on expertise, faculty, and coursework from multiple colleges across the University.

Collaborating Across Disciplines

As part of the university’s strategic goal of creating mechanisms to support new interdisciplinary program development across academic disciplines, the University Interdisciplinary Collaborative (“The Collaborative”) was launched in April, 2023. The Collaborative helps foster collaboration across disciplines while allowing recognition of contributions by each college/academic program.

The Collaborative serves as a home for interdisciplinary programs with significant contributions of expertise, faculty, and courses from two or more colleges. It is composed of virtual departments governed by an Interdisciplinary Oversight Committee Charter, and faculty in the virtual departments may participate in the Collaborative via secondary appointments. Shaily Menon, Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Initiatives, provides oversight of the Collaborative and its programs.

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. Biochemistry

To prepare you for this highly collaborative field, our B.S. in Biochemistry program integrates courses in biology and chemistry to give you a holistic view of how chemical interactions influence biological systems. Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences (biology) and Tagliatela College of Engineering (chemistry) help give you a superb foundation for master’s- and doctoral-level programs in many biological, biomedical, and chemical sciences, where lab experience is a great advantage in successfully completing an advanced degree.

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B.A. Game Design & Interactive Media

Our B.A. in Game Design & Interactive Media will prepare you to pursue a career in the gaming industry. Game development is a multi-disciplinary field, and you must understand each of the disciplines that go into it. You will wear many hats— artist, writer, music expert, and more. Faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and Tagliatela College of Engineering will help you develop a solid foundation that includes game development (computer science), narrative structure (English), graphic design and digital fabrication art, virtual and augmented reality design, video game ethics, and more.

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Ukraine, Russia, and Eurasia Studies Minor

In this minor, faculty from the College of Arts and Sciences and the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences combine to give you perspectives and approaches to help you understand the fascinating social and political structures in countries from Europe to Asia – a region of the world called Eurasia. The minor has a foundation of courses in Economics, History, Humanities, National Security, and Political Science, while students can also opt to add Russian language and culture.

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Graduate Programs

M.S. Information Science

Faculty from three colleges collaborate to help you become an expert on all the facets of information and their interdisciplinary dependence on each other. When most organizations tend to segregate the art, science, and business of information within their operations, your broad-based skills and big-picture perspective will be an invaluable asset to them. From the College of Arts and Sciences, you will learn about UX — User Experience — and the Human Experience. Courses that live in the Pompea College of Business help you understand how to interpret data, using it to identify patterns and predict outcomes that inform decision-making. And through courses in the Tagliatela College of Engineering, you will acquire skills in designing, managing, and deploying networked systems, emphasizing cloud computing, big data collection, and information security.

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